5 Foods that damage tooth enamel

A damaged tooth enamel can cause sensitivity in the teeth and / or cavities. The enamel is worn out as time passes and there are foods that accelerate this wear. We leave you a list of the 5 foods that damage the tooth enamel with which you must be careful when consuming them.


They cause the enamel to lose minerals; in case of not wanting to stop taking them, it is advisable to drink them with straw, to reduce the damage. In addition to using rinse at the end of consumption.

Citrus juices

The consumption of citrus fruits is beneficial for our diet, but we must take precautions when swallowing them, since the acids they contain wear out the enamel. You can take them with straw or mix them with other fruits.


The starch they contain turns into acid and attacks the enamel, consume less aggressive snacks, such as those made from vegetables.

Red wine

It not only wears away the enamel, but also dyes it; However, its moderate intake can benefit the teeth, in some parts of Italy it is used as a home remedy to treat infections or prevent the fall of teeth.

Coffee, ketchup, soy sauce and balsamic vinegar

It is recommended to consume these foods in small quantities, because they stain the enamel. You can replace them with others, for example instead of drinking coffee, take green tea, because it protects the gums.

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