7 Habits that damage your teeth

Although we know that chewing objects such as pencils or ice can be very relaxing, it is extremely harmful to your teeth. That is why we leave you a list of 7 habits that damage your teeth and you should set aside to keep your teeth healthy.

  1. Brush your teeth very hard or with a brush with hard bristles. Doing this can cause receding gums and excessive sensitivity in them.
  2. Grinding (bruxism) It mars the surface of the enamel and can even loosen the teeth. It also affects the jaw joint. Check with your dentist; You may need to sleep with a special protector (night protector) so you do not do it unconsciously while you sleep. This could also indicate that you are under a lot of stress, so you should try to identify the problems that affect you and work on them.
  3. Bite your nails. In addition to not being hygienic and making your fingers look bad, this habit increases the chances of you suffering from bruxism and causes fractures in the enamel.
  4. Chew ice. Yes, it’s just frozen water, refreshing, sugar free … but it’s hard! Chewing ice can fracture or damage teeth.
  5. Eat sweet gummies. The gummies stick to the teeth, and the sugar (and the acids it produces) remain in contact with them for hours, causing damage to the enamel of the teeth.
  6. Biting pencils or pens. It’s just like chewing ice, it can fracture your teeth.
  7. Use them as a tool. Opening bottles with the teeth can cause fracture and wear on them. They are also damaged if you use them to open medicine cans and cardboard or paper containers. Avoid this as much as possible!

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