ANOTHER Dental Implants Patient Review! CHECK IT!

ANOTHER Dental Implants Patient Review! CHECK IT!

This time around we want to say we felt honored to have our dear patient Todd from Florida over at our dental clinic. Todd loves Mexico and especially its food. He was facing the prospect of having a regular dental bridge done back in USA bit he soon find out the price tag was simply too much. There must be other options, he thought. And he was right! He found about our clinic’s services in the web and after doing extensive research he decided to get dental implants instead. He got in contact with us and booked his flight for his dental vacation.

Dental tourism has been on the raise in the last few years as more people realize all the savings they can get by having their dental work done in Mexico. The good thing about Cancun is that is just a few hours away and has several direct flights from USA cities. Cancun is a Caribbean paradise with amazing beaches and all inclusive resorts. It’s really a win win situation for you.


With a dental implant you can improve the look of your smile by replacing missing teeth and it will also return functionality to that part of your mouth. Having a dental implant can help prevent further bone loss for the lack of stimulation in that area of the jaw or the maxilla. Our dental implants are made of Grade 5 Titanium and are approved by the FDA so you would get the same level of quality material as you would in USA. Single implants and bridge implants require you to complete your treatment in two trips a few months apart to allow the implant to integrate to the bone and heal before placing the crown.


Todd was very happy with his results. He’s pictured above with our head dentist Doctor German Arzate. Todd had this to say:

Everybody did a great job. Feel very comfortable coming here for these procedures.

Review - Todd Dental Implants in Cancun



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