Dental health and Dental Implants with no pain

Are dental implants painful?

Dental implants are not painful. In fact it might be one of the least painful surgeries performed in the mouth. To start with this easy explanation about pain and dental implants we need to remember one thing: Why do we have pain in our teeth in the first place?

This is because the nerve inside the tooth is being somewhat affected by many factors: temperature, tooth thickness, root exposure, infection and more. Is specially likely that when you have sharp tooth pain is because a cavity has reached the pulp (nerve) and the exposure is making things terrible for you. It could also mean your tooth is cracked or there is an inflammation on your gums.


Toothache pain nerve pulp dental implants costSo, again, dental implants are not painful. The reason for this is very simple: there is no more nerve left where the implant has been set. The tooth has already fallen or has been extracted and the area has been cleaned. When setting up a titanium dental implant, the dentist will apply local anesthesia in the surrounding area to avoid pain on the gums and cheeks when they are working on with them.  Beyond that, the dental implant should not bother you at all after the surgery because there are no nerves attached to it.


An over the counter pain medication should be enough for the soreness afterwards. When you look yourself in the mirror you might find bruising and inflammation, but this the natural response of the body to the procedure and the handling of the mouth during the surgery, and in any case it shouldn’t need anything more than mild analgesic.  Be aware, our doctors cannot prescribe strong medications like morphine as such substances are strictly controlled in Mexico.


Now, there is the fact that some people might have developed resistance to the local anesthesia. This is because perhaps they are taking a stronger medication for other type treatment. If you know for a fact you have resistance to some type of analgesic or you are under any other medical treatment or health condition you need to tell the doctor right away during your evaluation so the dentist can plan the best way to treat you.


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