Bone grafts and Dental Implants in Cancun

Bone graft of sinus lift for you dental implants in Cancun

After looking for our dental implants in Cancun you might have been told several times by your dentists that you don’t have enough bone to place dental implants. This could be true, but sadly, many dentist don’t tell their patients the rest of the story. There are procedures that can be used to increase the bone and thicken the walls of the sinus.

The reasons you might need a bone graft or sinus lift are several. You could have had an accident and lost some of your teeth. The lack of stimulation of the root on the jaw bone accelerate bone loss. Also age and gender are a big factor, as women after menopause lose bone at a higher rate than males and osteoporosis.

There are a few source materials used to make a bone graft.  Grafts can come from the patient’s own bone, a bone bank, be synthetic or bovine. Here at our dental clinic we use bovine bone which has been shown to be both safe and effective.


Why would dentists in USA wouldn’t disclose this? There are a couple of reasons. Dental implants in USA are already really expensive. If a patient already has problems to pay dental implants the dentists might think the bone graft is also way outside the realm of possibilities for the patient.


Luckily, we have cheap dental implants in Cancun, from the same brands and materials approved by the FDA. We are able to offer you cheaper solutions with the same quality and better care! This way you can also afford the bone graft you need.


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