Can diabetes be detected by a dentist?

Undiagnosed diabetes could be detected somewhere away from the family doctor and labs in a surprising place… the dental clinic. Reason: a common oral disorder is a typical early complication linked to blood sugar levels.

An expert from Michigan State University and a local dentist have teamed up to create a tool allowing to offer patients diabetes detection in dental clinics to determine their risk for the condition.

Saleh Aldasouqi, Associate Professor of medicine and Chief of Endocrinology at the State University of Michigan and Susan Maples, a dentist of Holt, Michigan, are working together to educate patients about how diabetes can affect gum disease as well as help other dentists and dental hygienists across the country recognize diabetes that has not yet been diagnosed.

There is documented evidence that says diabetes significantly worsens the gum disease and loss of bone around the teeth, and as active periodontal disease impairs the ability of the patient to have blood sugar levels under control.

The tool for the detection of Diabetes in the dental clinic, does not require to know the weight of the body, body mass index calculation, testing laboratory or blood pressure measurement and allows dentists to identify patients with moderate and high risk of mellitus diabetes and prediabetes. This assessment will help identify risk factors, not only teaches patients to recognize the symptoms of diabetes, but just to know the number of missing teeth and deep inflammation of gums could be effective to identify people with pre-diabetes, or undiagnosed diabetes.

So we invite you to regularly check your dentist so you make an evaluation and proper maintenance of your oral health and check the status of your health in general.

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