Celebrate with us the #WorldSmileDay

As every first Friday of October, is celebrated the #WorldSmileDay, a date in which highlights the importance of seeing the good side of things of life!

The story begins in 1982, during a Committee at Carnegie Mellon University, in Pittsburgh, where the professor Elliot Scott Fahlman used the first smile emoticon in computer science, the parentheses and colon symbols to represent both joy and sadness in a written message.

After this,  in 1999, there was a proposal to establish a date to promote more smiles in the world by Harvery Ball, the creator of “Smile Face”, under a schematic representation of a smiling yellow face.

In 2001, despite the death of Harvey, a foundation was created called “Harvey Ball World Smile” in honor of the deceased. This Foundation, from the mentioned date, sponsors the world smile day and proposes investing time to “fill the world of smiles”, at least one day.

So you know, celebrate this day and remember that smiling helps the brain to release endorphins you might need, and gives everyone more ‘happiness’. In the same way, the action of smiling expands the lungs, relaxes the muscles of the body and gives a more attractive expression.

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