Damage caused by drugs

Damage caused by drugs in your mouth

Beyond the harmful effects that drugs have on health in general, there is considerable damage to oral health, since most drugs cause a decrease in saliva, known as xerostomia, which together with bad habits of hygiene greatly increases the appearance of dental caries.

According to several investigations it was detected that among the main dental aggressors are amphetamines and methamphetamines, whose acid composition generates serious damages. It also causes loss of appetite, which leads to malnutrition, severe dehydration and poor oral hygiene, which in turn causes demineralization of the teeth. Also, it favors the accumulation of bacteria that results in caries and facilitates the development of bruxism (constantly grinding of teeth), which causes wear of dental pieces.

The chronic use of methamphetamine causes the rapid progression of tooth decay until it completely destroys the teeth, weakens the enamel and even damages the pulp of the nerve of the tooth. The damage caused by this drug in the teeth is so aggressive that they have even come to classify its effects as: methamphetamine mouth. The effects caused by this drug are very visible.

People who consume this type of drug are vulnerable to cancer in the oral cavity, as the acidity of these substances causes damage to the gums, tongue, and palate, because they “burn these areas”.

When consuming other drugs such as marijuana and even tobacco, damages such as inflammation and detachment of gums are also caused, which opens the door to the accumulation of bacteria, causes severe infections, with redness and accumulation of pus.

Consumption of alcohol, on the other hand, can lead to the formation of tissues composed of altered cells, which are usually lodged in the tongue, palate and back of the sac (internal cavity between the lip and gingiva), which increases the possibility of developing tumors.

About caffeine abuse we can say that it generates stains and allows the dentobacterial plaque to accumulate with greater ease, causing diseases like gingivitis (inflammation of gums).

Damage to the teeth and mouth caused by drugs and alcohol is practically irreversible, and consumption is one of the earliest causes of tooth loss in young and old people, who also lose their sense of taste and their masticatory ability.

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Damage caused by drugs in your mouth
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