Damage of cigarette smoking on bone and dental implants

A cigarette is the worst enemy of teeth and gums, particularly since it is the mouth where the smoke enters the body and as a result, is the first place where its effects are noticed.

The alteration of the color of the enamel, gums, loss of the bony support of the teeth, delayed healing of the wounds in the mouth, bad breath, failure in periodontal treatments or even oral cancer are some of the effects that cigar can cause to the mouth.

But this time we will talk specifically about the effects of having a cigarette in the treatment of dental implants. Their consumption conflict with oral treatments and worsen the prognosis in many cases.

It’s proven that smokers are at least two times more likely of failures in the treatment with implants than nonsmokers. Smoking is therefore considered to be a predisposing factor to failure in implants, being a risk factor in the etiology of the “Periimpantitis” (infection of the implant), which can result in inflammation in the tissue surrounding the implant.

Periimplantitis is an inflammatory involvement of surrounding soft tissues of the implant, causing the destruction of the supporting bone where the implant is present. When the presence of bacteria causes reversible inflammatory changes in the soft tissue surrounding the implant is called “mucositis” and when inflammation also affect the bone surrounding the implant is called “periimplantitis”.

So smoking makes it difficult to care and to determine the healing duration of the implant.


Our goal is to take care of the overall health of our patients and to help them to quit to have the best success rates in your treatment of dental implants.


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