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Dental Implant Happy Patient

We are going to do a little throwback here and talk about one of our dear patients who has trusted our work for years. Don came here about 4 or 5 years ago to get dental implants. Since then he has done sinus lift and bone graft to restore the structural integrity to the bone and comes back every year for his checks up to ensure everything is going great while he has an amazing vacation in Cancun.

We will just let Don speak for himself:

First of all, the care here could not be surpassed… the level of care and compassion to the patient. The work is professionally done; it’s done with very high standards. The other thing is that you save a great deal of money by flying to a beautiful beach resort and enjoy a few days of the sun and a few hours in a chair. Everybody is professional, dedicated and smart.

Here you can watch an interview review we did with him:


We try to do everything with love and the best that we can. We always take the time to know our patients, what they fear and what they hope this procedure can do for them. This is really important because we want you to feel at ease, so we will do everything we can to make this a reality. There’s nothing like seeing our patients leave with a smile through the front door.


Don also likes to give back. He’s part of Montgomery County Youth Services (MCYS) a charity that has been working for 27 years with underprivileged kids and youths affected with addictions helping them through donations. To help them out, Doctor German Arzate will donate one of his amazing sculptures for Don to auction and use all the money to help these kids. Doctor German Arzate has been just featured on Agora Gallery in New York this past February.


It is not a surprise that after all this time we feel like we are Don and the staff have become old friends and we look forward to keep working and helping each other in the years to come.


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