Happy patient at Dental Implant vacation

Dental Implants Happy Patient!

Barb Kenny is a wonderful lady from Ontario, Canada, that came to our dental clinic in Cancun for some dental implants.  She’s a nurse and loves basketball. Barb knows that we import all of our materials from the States because Mexico doesn’t produce dental equipmentThis is good for your because your will get all the same materials you would find back home but saving up to 70% of what it can cost on USA or Canada. Better to use that money to pamper yourself on an amazing vacation in the Riviera Maya

Doctor German Arzate, pictured on the featured image above, was the one making sure Barb felt secure and answered all her questions. The rest of our staff also speaks English so you don’t have to worry about anything else but to have a good time during the rest of your vacation in Cancun.

We use the latest techniques, technology and the most professional staff to restore the looks and strength to your teeth. We hope that just like Barb, you also start enjoying all your favorite food again without any problems to chew or bite. If you are interested on our dental implants services, you can call toll free from USA & Canada at 1-800-701-6039

You can even send you photos or x-ray on our contact page so our doctors can have a look and give you their preliminary diagnostic.