cancun cosmetic dentistry

Dental work while on vacations in Cancun.

If you are looking for the best solution to restore your mouth but in your country the dentistry is very expensive and there are also some unethical dentists who provide unnecessary procedures and products, simply for profit, you can choose other options to get the treatment you needed.

Mexico is an excellent alternative to get your smile makeover, especially Cancun, because it’s perfect to take sunbathe, eat delicious food and learn about Mayan culture. Cancun is in the top of places in dental tourism around the world and our dental center is popular because we have:

  • Affordable prices. In our clinic you can renew your smile in just one week for 70% less that you would pay on USA or Canada. All our dental implant materials are imported and FDA approved, meaning you will be getting the same quality of material that with dentist back home. Why are our prices lower than in USA and Canada? Because our rents are not as high than in these countries so we can afford to offer you the same dental implants for cheap without compromising their quality.

affordable prices

  • Qualified doctors and plenty experience in Dentistry. German Arzate has over 20 years of experience in Dentistry and over a decade practicing advanced cosmetic dentistry, he is the director of our dental center. All our professional staff is certified and we have over 15 years of experience working with thousands of patients from all over the world.

certified doctors

  • State of the art facilities. To ensure that you receive the best treatment, we offer a dental clinic of the highest level of quality in terms of its facilities. We have a digital panoramic x-ray machine at our clinic, as well as a hand-held x-ray, which are pretty safe.


  • The best care and service. Our staff can guide you from the first contact, planning your trip, on the process of your passport and visa assistance, explain you about convenient financing options and help to book your vacation in Cancun to make your trip an incredibly pleasant experience.

the best care and service

  • A great location. Our clinic is conveniently located inside Malecon Americas Shopping Mall, which is the most popular shopping mall in Cancun, located at the entrance of the Cancun’s Hotel Zone.


  • More than 1 treatment. You will be welcomed into our dental clinic with a friendly smile and you will be treated like a member of our family. We will provide information about hotels, tours, pick-ups and restaurants. Between appointments you can enjoy white coral beaches, crystal clear waters, historical and archaeological sites, our typical foods, etc. Finally, you will proud of your new smile and strong bite.

medical team

  • Warranties in all our treatments. We offer a 5 years’ warranty for our dental pieces, including dental implants.

dental implants

Don’t hesitate and take advantage of these benefits in our dental center. There are several options to improve your health and change your life while enjoying amazing vacations in Cancun. Ask for our special deals and schedule your appointment now. Call toll free from USA and Canada at 1800 701 6039 or get in contact with our dental planners at

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