Doctor German Arzate at Agora Gallery in New York

Discover German Arzate’s amazing art at Agora Gallery!

We would like to take this opportunity to talk about German Arzate, the artist. You have seen him in plenty of our videos talking with his patients who got dental implants in Cancun and with some of the best doctors on Implant Dentistry. Now, at Agora Gallery, you will meet the other side of German Arzate



He has always loved to work with his hands. From a young age he made figures to express his big imagination. He would make fantastic creatures and monsters, and he eventually evolved his technique by himself. German Arzate never took a sculpting class, learning everything on the go. He experiment with all kinds of materials which also helped him with his dental career. There was a point on his life where he had to stop sculpting and give up on his artistic passion for a while. Now, that he is a successful dentist in Cancun, he finally finds himself able to give his art the attention he always wanted and came back with creative force.

As he explains, his sculptures fall into three categories: “Romantic” where he captures passion, love and even loneliness; “Nature”, where he makes tribute to the beauty and inner power of animals, and “Mystical”, where he combines deep meanings and multiple concepts.

His works of art are being featured at the Agora Gallery in New York right now, along with other amazing artists. In fact, he will be today, so this is the best opportunity for you to meet him directly and ask him about dental implants and Cancun.  Even if you are unable to assists today, make sure to check the exhibition. The entry is free as it will be a great cultural experience.

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