Do you know the difference between a dental bridge and dental implants?

When you lose a tooth, it is much more than just a cosmetic problem, it affects the health of your whole mouth!

By losing a tooth, you depend on the remaining teeth to do all the remaining heavy work and that can begin to wear out prematurely the enamel or even break them for being under more pressure. In addition, having a missing tooth can affect the way you bite and may even experience headaches or pain in the jaw.

With this in mind, it is important to replace the tooth missing to keep your oral health from deteriorating any further. But, do you know what the most appropriate treatment is? In the past, a dental bridge was the only option. Now, dental implants provide a more comfortable solution that can last a lifetime.  To learn more on what treatment to choose you then explain their differences.

The dental bridge literally bridges the gap between two of your natural teeth. However, to do this, it must rest on each side on the adjacent teeth to give support to the new crown. You would have to prepare those two teeth for crowns even if they are perfectly healthy. The dental caps can make brushing and the use of dental floss a challenge, although if properly care for the average life of a dental bridge is about 10 years.

A dental implant, on the other hand, is a piece of titanium drilled into the bone where lack the tooth then placed a crown over to simulate in its entirety to the tooth. Over time, the implant is attached to bone with a result more stable, strong and permanent than a dental bridge. This is because the implant is not subject to the integrity of the adjacent teeth.

Aesthetically, dental implants are designed to match the shape and color of the existing teeth. Since they look, feel and function like real teeth, providing a more natural-looking smile.

To know what the treatment that suits your needs best, it is necessary to have a free evaluation with our specialists. You can also send us your mouth photos and x-rays for an online preliminary evaluation. Allow Dr. German Arzate, together with his team of specialists, to help you with dental implants while you enjoy your vacation in Cancun