Do you know what dental implants are and how they benefit you?

Dental Implants serve to replace missing or damaged teeth. The best solution to get natural looking teeth. A dental implant is strong and stable, fits and feels like a natural tooth. They are a long-term solution, they are built to last more than 10 years, if cared and maintained with proper dental hygiene. It is necessary to visit your dentist regularly to give it maintenance and some periodic adjustments, but when cared for properly they can last a lifetime.

Dental Implants does not interfere with chewing, you can smile, talk and perform the activities of daily life without any problem. It also helps protect the healthy bone so you don’t leave empty spaces in the mouth after losing a tooth, since this can lead to other problems and affect the jaw.

They are the best option of dental restoration that preserves and stimulates the bone and helps to prevent more bone loss. When missing several dental units your face loses its fullness. With dental implants you will able keep the form natural of your face and smile. You can enjoy life without worry!

So we have said all the benefits, but how much are they? What’s the cost of dental implants? This is a very common question. Here at our clinic they are only a little more expensive than dental treatments like crowns and bridges.
In the long term, dental implants are a more profitable and a satisfactory option. Is important to mention that are easier to keep and live with them, since people will not notice any difference to their natural teeth.

So the only question now is to get your dental implant? Communicate with us at 1 800 701 6039, for provide you all the information and advice necessary for resolve their doubts and to you provide the best option of treatment according to your case. Allow Dr. German Arzate, together with his team of specialists, to help you with dental implants while you enjoy your vacation in Cancun.