Erroneous beliefs about dental implants

Over the past twenty years, dental implants have undergone a transformation, and while it might have been a very expensive and painful experience back then, actually are no more painful than a tooth extraction, and are affordable too.

Even if it has been available for years, patients still have many questions and doubts about the treatment with dental implants. That’s why we wanted to cover this topic and list the main wrong ideas that people might have about implants.

Many people believe that dental implants can only be placed if you have no teeth. This idea is completely false, since the truth is dental implants are the best solution to replace one missing, broken or fractured tooth, without the need of having completely lost the rest.

Another myth is that the surgery for placing dental implants is very painful and that is completely wrong. Actually, the implant process is as painless as a tooth extraction would be, and there is a choice of local anesthesia or dentistry sedation, whichever the patient prefers. There is a level of post-operative soreness, and the dentist would prescribe some over the counter painkillers for that.

A Dental Implant is not just for a single tooth. If you have missing several dental units or all of them, then you can get a dental implant bridge or even a screw retained permanent bar with teeth over 4 or 6 dental implants.

Also another idea is that you have to wait a long period without teeth while the implants get bonded to bone. This may have been true years ago, but depending on the dental implant and the technique used you might be able to get a immediate load with new teeth. Either way, you will be able to get a temporal flipper or partial denture in the case you need to wait a couple of months for the osseo integration to get done.

 And finally many people believe that they don’t look like natural teeth and also that they are very expensive, and this is totally false. The dental implants resemble real teeth in every way, and they even have the shade of regular teeth (with us, you can even pick a lighter or ‘darker’ tone if you like). This means a person can have one or two implants and they will not stand out of place next to the real teeth. And with the price, currently the dental implants have become more accessible. In addition to offering different payment plants you can come to Cancun and still have thousands of dollars on your procedure.

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