Everything you wanted to know about Dental implants but were too afraid to ask!

The goal of dental implants is to replace the lost teeth without damaging other parts of your mouth or replace all the denture, improving its functionality, the ability to speak clearly and the smile aesthetics.

The procedure varies depending on the conditions of the patient. First, doctors must assess the quality of bone, any medical contraindications, the health history of the patient, quantity of implants to be set, and other relevant aspects. The stages of treatment usually include the surgical stage, restorative phase and maintenance phase.

Depending on the case, the placement of dental implants can be done in one or two phases. When the implant is placed in a single stage as in the treatment of “Snap in Dentures” or “All on 4” (immediate loading implants), they will be able to have new teeth in 8 days. However when done in two phases, first the implants will be set, and some months after healing, the abutment and the crown are place.

In the restorative phase prostheses or dental crowns are placed on the implants once elapsed the time needed to ensure the full integration of the implant in the bone.


It is important to emphasize that the maintenance phase is essential to ensure the longevity of the implants, and although shown in numbers studies and cases that implants dental have a high degree of security, you will require maintenance sessions by a professional hygienist and take proper dental hygiene to ensure a long lasting prostheses and implants.


The placement of implants have a 98% success rate. Despite this, if not treated with care and recommendations issued by the specialist, there may be some complications like infections, mobility of the implant, injury of some dental nerve or in the worst cases, loss of the implant.


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