Gerry – Ambassador of our Dental Clinic in Cancun!

Gerry from Ontario, Canada visits Cancun every year with his wonderful wife to enjoy the white sand beaches, the amazing resorts and to have a dental check up with us. Years ago, when he first came to us, Gerry was looking for an alternative solution with his denture.

He was tired of using messy glue and because the denture had a complete palate, he couldn’t taste flavors as he should. He got 8 mini implants above and below and now he can eat and chew like he used to and enjoy the old cooking of his wife without a problem. When we told him we wanted to make a video of him testing his new Snap in Dentures to show other patients he was very excited. We were gladly surprised when he showed up the next day to our clinic ready with food items from his hotel: an apple, a chocolate candy bar, and even a corn on the cob!

He wanted to show everyone else who might have been interested in having a dental procedure with us the real strength of his new and improved bite. From that point onward, we run similar tests with our patients once they get their new dentures.

We love when our patients have the philosophy of “Give back” and accept to make videos with us to help others take the step they need to smile again and have a better quality of life. For this, we consider our good friend Gerry an “ambassador” of our clinic. Thank you Gerry for always trusting your dental care in our hands and spreading the word about our dental clinic in Cancun.

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