Cheap Dental Implants with Dentists in Cancun

Happy Patient who her smile back with our Dentists in Cancun!

Today we would like to let you know about a great case of smile makeover with our patient Andrea from North Carolina, USA. This is a very important story for us… Andrea had lots of trouble with her dental health when she got pregnant. Life was very hard on her and she couldn’t afford a dentist and many other things. Bad nutrition wrecked her teeth… they started to decay and disintegrate. What little she had was barely enough to get by and she wondered if she would eventually lose her smile at such a young age.

Now that she was able to get back on her feet she decided to look for solutions and our dentists in Cancun were the best option she could find. She came to us for titanium dental implants and crowns. Like any other people coming to another country for dental tourism, she was a little scared at the start, but as soon as she meet our team and Doctor German Arzate, she knew she was on good hands.


She got dental implants in the front so while they heal, she will use a flipper. A flipper a partial piece of denture that can be very helpful when getting various implants. It will cover the area nicely, keeping the good look of your mouth until the crown and abutment can be placed over the healed implant. Even if the flipper was temporary she could barely believe she had a new beautiful smile in only a week.


We will see Andrea again in a few months down the road to make sure the bone around the implants healed and bound itself to the metal so it is strong enough to withstand the loading of pressure from biting and chewing. Andrea, thank you very, VERY much for placing your faith in us. We are so glad we were able to give you back your smile. It was a privilege to have you here!


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