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How to avoid ‘catastrophic dental health expenditure’ (CDHE)

About 20% of Americans struggle to pay medical bills and 60% of bankruptcies are due to medical bills. The high cost of dental care can put considerable strain on household finances. Several studies have identified this as a ‘catastrophic dental health expenditure‘ or CDHE for short. Expenditure was defined as catastrophic if it was equal to or higher than 40% of the household’s capacity to pay.


Save in Cheap Affordable Dental Implants and Dental HealthUp to 7% of the households surveyed in 41 countries had incurred catastrophic dental health expenditure in the last month. The studies did not include the indirect costs of actually seeking the dental care, travel expenses and waiting time at clinics. This is also problematic as people need to make use of working hours to get their teeth done, loosing more income.


“Using dental services can cost households a large portion of their available income and push many into poverty and long-term deb” said the lead author of the research from the Dental Institute at King’s College London.




Save in Cheap Affordable Dental Implants and Dental HealthWell, the first step is to look for a balance between time, lower rates, quality of material and care. As it happens, this is the main reason why over 1 million Americans travel aboard for medical treatment. The first place you should look for is in Mexico. Medical costs on Mexico usually vary from 40% to 65% less than in USA. The good thing about Mexico over other countries is its close proximity with USA. Mexico also has well trained doctors and similar medical quality standards.


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