How to take care of your mini implant Snap in Dentures?

Many people have asked us the specifics about our mini implant Snap in Dentures, specially when it comes to cleaning them and other oral hygiene habits to have when having them. Our Snap in Dentures are not a permanent set of teeth like for example the All on 4 or All on 6 implant procedure where the denture is screwed directly over implants. Snap in Dentures use mini implants as anchorage by snap into the o-rings adapted on the denture. This means that when you eat and drink some tiny food particles might get below the denture.

In general these are general indications to follow when you take care of your Snap in Dentures:

  1. Clean your dentures after each meal. Just like with your regular teeth, you should procure to clean your teeth after every main meal of the day by rinsing them with water. Remove them from your mouth and place them under the stream of water from the sink to make sure no visible particle of food is left.
  2. Tooth-brushing. You might not have teeth any more in one or both arches but the plaque can still grow and attach itself to the exposed part of the mini implants. You should take a soft toothbrush and clean your tonge and slowly massage you gums + implants with no abrasive toothpastes (ask the dentist for the best paste for your case).
  3. Brush your Snap in Dentures. Once your mouth is clean, carefully brush your own Snap in Dentures, taken extra attention to the o-ring housing to make sure no food leftover is lodged in there.
  4. Make yearly check ups with your dentist. Having Snap in Dentures is not an free pass to not having to go to the dentist ever again. You should have at least one yearly checkup with your dentists, although 2 visits a year are recommended to review your mouth’s general health and make any additional adjustments to your Snap in Dentures (reline).

You should look out for and avoid whitening toothpastes as they have special abrasives that could damage your dentures. 


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