If I have diabetes can I get dental implants?

Most people know that diabetes is related to circulation and healing problems. Actually young and old people are vulnerable to suffer from teeth diseases, due to low defenses in the immune system. This is why patients with diabetes need to have a special care.
¡Many diabetics can indeed be good candidates for dental implants!

If you have diabetes you must be thinking “But I’m in a greater risk of implant failure”, and that’s correct but, dental implants are not barred for people with this condition as long as they are controlled.

Thanks to new research and advancements in dental implant surgical procedures, diabetic patients have a higher rate of sucess than before, even for the patients with uncontrolled diabetes.

Just remember that if you are going to do a dental implant procedure you must ask with your dentist which is your best choice, here we leave some recommendations about the treatments:

  • Single implant: This is a great choice as long as you dont use it with bridges, because with time exposes the teeth next to the missing one to decay which in turn makes you need a lot more dental work and thats not ideal for diabetic patients.
  • Mini implants: Since it is not a permanent solution this might not be your best choice, it needs continued repair and sometimes replacement, wich in people with diabetes can lead to gums infection.
  • All on 4: If a diabetic person needs all their upper and/or lower teeth replaced, this is an ideal option as there is no need to reach the bone and thus minimum damage. The all on four dental implant places four positioned dental implants in the jaw with a full set of lower or upper teeth.

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