Implant Placement Course – A COMPLETE SUCCESS!

It’s been crazy these last few days at our dental clinic in Cancun! We are holding the Implant Placement Course by the American Academy of Implant Dentistry and the Dental Implant Training Center. We are lucky to have Dr. John Minichetti as one of the course’s presenters and he’s one of the most renowned top authorities in implant dentistry. He’s imparting his knowledge and dental implants skills to a new set of doctors!

The event started on September 17th when the doctors started arriving and getting prep’d with the patients’ information. Doctor German Arzate can be seen in these photos explaining the steps to take and all the data necessary for a successful procedure.This 3 day implant marathon has allowed locals to get needed implants for a fraction of their cost, while doctors get invaluable experience they can apply to their patients back home.


These American and Canadian Doctors are very impressed by our facilities and our helpful staff, that makes sure both doctor and patient has everything they need. Our equipped is top notch and modern, and units have great windows to allow natural light in.


Check out this amazing gallery with the best photos from the last few days. We will upload more on Monday. Have a wonderful weekend!




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