Implant Placement Course in Cancun

“This was by far the best dental implant continuing education experience that I have had in my seventeen years of practice. The knowledge that I gained has allowed me to integrate all phases of implant dentistry into my practice. Any dentist that is serious about providing the best possible implant dentistry needs  this course.”

~ Christopher Petrush, DDS (March 2015)

Implant Placement Course, DDS Dr Minichetti from the AAID


After placing implants for more than 15 years we are always looking to stay updated on the best dental techniques available and our doctors eventually found a very interesting course from the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID). This course was being offered in Las Vegas. As is common practice in the field of medicine, human and animal corpses were used to familiarize students with advanced dental implant techniques. We then asked about whether “live” practice would be possible at some point. This was the initial spark that started the Implant Placement Course in Cancun. Together with the AAID and the Dental Implant Learning Center on Englewood, New Jersey, we look forward for students to gain experience, fine tune their skills and help people in need in Mexico.  We hosted the event at our dental clinic in March 2015 and we are looking forward to host it again this September.


Obviously, our facilities were inspected to make sure we were able to fulfill the highest standards before giving the green light to this project. The AAID & Dental Implant Learning Center were monitoring the course while American and Canadian doctors practiced and learned with us.


Rural areas around Cancun can be poor and suffer a lot from the lack of access to medical and dental care. When we brought the proposal to them, they were more than happy to receive the implants and the attention of specialized dentists. We love this event because we are giving something back to this community while forming and improving doctors’ skills for your dental health. We are doing the event twice a year during a 3 day implant marathon. We have placed up to 100 implants in a few days of tireless work. That’s over 100 people with better quality of life who have left through our doors. It also means invaluable medical experience for those taking the course.


Pictured here from left to right are Dr. Iyer Shankar the current president of the AAID,  Dr Minichetti the past president of the AAID and Dr. German Arzate, director of our dental clinic in Cancun. For further information call 201-871-3555 or visit

Implant Placement Course, DDS Iyer Shankar, Dr Minichetti from the AAID and Doctor German Arzate