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Keeping your teeth healthy after 50’s

There are dental problems may occur at any age, but they are most common in seniors. If you notice any of these diseases: gingivitis, tooth decay, tooth loss, root decay, halitosis and darkened teeth, among others; seek immediate dental attention because it can affect your quality of life.

For instance, did you know that gum diseases can contribute to other illness, such as lung disorders, arthritis, strokes, diabetes?

Taking care of your mouth is incredibly important on your overall health. Avoid to pay for extra dental treatments to maintain great health with the following tips:

  • Brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day: After the age of 50, the plaque is much more difficult to get rid off, for this reason dentist suggest to use an electric toothbrush with soft bristle only, floss after every meal and use a water flosser (waterpik) to ensure you clean your teeth in the correct way. oral health seniors
  • Use mouthwash carefully, it may be a great way to prevent cavities but you shouldn’t use the mouthwash multiple times a day because it could be contribute to dry mouth. We recommend to use an alcohol-free option.
  • Choose dental implants instead of regular dentures: Dental implants are the most advanced solution to restore your missing teeth because they provide better chewing ability and prevent jaw bone loss.
  • Watch for dental side effects of medication: Keep in contact with your dentist if you are taking some medicines. dentist in CancunThere are medications could be causing issues for your dental health. Ask your dentist about options to prevent future issues as a result of your treatment.
  • If you are a diabetic person, your dentist can help to maintain your mouth healthy: People with diabetes are more prone to oral diseases, your dentist can manage with you this condition.
  • Be careful with your teeth: If you have sensitive teeth, use a special toothpaste and avoid fizzy drinks, sodas, sugary foods and starchy substances that cause your mouth to make acid.

These are some recommendations to maintain your mouth healthy, although it’s very necessary to visit your dentist regularly. Schedule your appointment and we will provide the attention that you deserve. Contact us here

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