meaning of the colored lines in the toothpaste

Know the true meaning of the colored lines in the toothpaste

In recent months it has been circulating on the web a “myth” that has spread among users, which ensures that the colors that appear at the base of the tubes of toothpaste are a guide to know what composition and the level of damage a toothpaste can cause to your teeth and body.

These colored squares appear at the bottom of the toothpaste and will not tell you how good or bad your toothpaste is, only used as part of a cutting guide.

According to the myth, the colors mean the following:

  • Green = Natural.
  • Blue = Natural + medicinal.
  • Red = Natural + chemical components.
  • Black = Only chemical components.

However this information is completely false, these colors in the tubes are known as “eye marks” and their only purpose is for the robots or sensors to know where to cut or fold each container.

In the case of toothpastes, the containers are made in a company that has nothing to do with the one that will later put the contents inside them. The tubes are made in very long strips and depending on the capacity that will be offered to the public. It is precisely in this process that the “eye mark” plays an important role because it is placed just where the tube must be cut for unit presentation, so that the machine can detect it and know the final stop of each tube. Most likely, you ask yourself, and why do the colors change? The truth is that color is an irrelevant detail.

They vary depending on the manufacturer or product that the brand offers to the public and its function is exclusively for traceability and to be able to easily detect some type of defective lot.

So do not worry about those false theories and legends that circulate on the internet. These squares of colors are nothing more than indispensable marks for the packaging to be perfect in all its presentations when it comes to cutting.

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