Let us renew your smile with dental implants!

Patients come to us because they know our implant treatments are safe, reliable, long lasting, and results in beautiful aesthetics that you expect for your long-term tooth replacement.

Dental implants are permanent replacement teeth that use titanium roots to replace teeth that once stood inside of your mouth. Depending on how many teeth you have missing, there are different types of treatments that can help you to recover your smile and confidence:

The most important part of providing you with a new implant is the planning phase. The first step is determining exactly what kind of implant therapy will suit your needs. We must take into consideration how your health and lifestyle can be affected by dental implants. What kind of dental treatment can you handle? What are your long-term treatment goals? What are your smile priorities? All of these factors and more are discussed when you plan treatment.

Designing how your smile should ultimately look requires detailed and accurate planning. Panoramic x-ray allows us to virtually plan in advance where an implant should be placed. Another important part of smile design is figuring out whether or not you’ll need any bone grafting or augmentation to prepare a foundation for an implant.

Last, but not least, comes the step of designing the smile of your dreams. Implant therapy has a crucial cosmetic aspect. We’re excited to help you select details such as tooth shape and color to suit your smile. Once your implant is placed, maintaining the health of your new smile with regular check ups and professional teeth cleaning will become your priority.

Our expertise makes us one of the best Dental Clinic in Cancun to trust with your smile. Allow Dr. German Arzate, together with his team of specialists, to help you with dental implants while you enjoy your vacation in Cancun. We have different payment options! Call us today at 1 800 701 6039, so we can provide you all the information and advice necessary to resolve your doubts and to you provide the best option of treatment according to your case.