Looking for a Dental Makeover?

In April we had a visit from our good friend Lois Hartzog from Palm City, Florida. She first came to us back in 2013 to get a complete dental makeover and is still showing off an amazing smile.  This time she came for a general check up and cleaning. As a very interesting anecdote… every time Lois has come, she has gotten a call telling she just had a new grandchild!  We congratulated her and wished the best for her and the new members of her family.

Is very important that you follow all the indications from your doctor about the best way to keep your implants and snap on dentures in top condition. That is the secret to long lasting dental prosthesis and even natural smiles.                                                                                                                                   

A dental makeover in Palm City like the one Louis had could be very expensive, costing several thousands of dollars, but by having them done in Cancun you can even save up to 70%.  You will be ready to come back home with a new smile after enjoying the wonderful Caribbean beaches and the best resorts in Cancun.

Contact us calling toll free from the USA or Canada at 1-800-701-6039 and asking about our prices.