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My teeth fell off, what are my options to avoid dentures?

Most people have thought at some point of our lives about what will happen when they get older, specially for dentures. For some this is not a very pleasing idea so they try to avoid thinking about it, but that might turn things worse. It is important to think about the state of our dental health in the future. More likely than not, we will end up loosing at least one tooth by the time we turn 60. The reasons behind it can vary: disease, cavities, accidents or simply genetics.

While about 90% of people without teeth in one arch have dentures, many patients hate them. They are regarded as bulky, messy and unreliable, so it doesn’t come as a surprise when they ask themselves what other options do they have. The answer will certainly depend on several factors like age, bone volume and healthiness, as well as budget. Here in Dental Implants Vacations have a number of options to replace regular dentures.


  • Snap in Dentures: This is a less bulkier denture without roof of the palate that has been adapted with o-ring housings, allowing it to snap into mini implants placed on the gums. It requires only 8 days.
  • All on 4: The All on 4 protocol is one of the most advanced implant techniques in dentistry. It was developed by Doctor Paulo Malo and Nobel Biocare and Doctor German Arzate is the only one certified by them to perform it in Cancun. It consists on setting two vertical titanium dental implants in the front and two tilted implants on the sides, using basic engineering to provide the maximum stability and anchorage to a titanium bar that will be screwed into them. The bar is permanent and wont be able be taken off except for check ups and professional cleaning. The process usually is done on a single trip to Cancun, but ultimately this will be confirmed by the doctor before hand.
  • All on 6: Before All on 4 was developed, the go to procedure was All on 6, which consisted on a titanium bar with teeth, mounted over 6 vertical dental implants. The procedure requires two trips; one to set the implants and let them heal, and a second trip months later to set the bar with teeth.


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