tips so your teeth do not suffer any damage

New Year, new smile!

We know that at this time it is difficult to maintain a correct diet so as not to damage your teeth and that sweets, candies and dessert tables do not help a lot, so we give some tips so your teeth do not suffer any damage during these Holidays:

  • Choose cakes or breads with low percentage of sugar and preferably try not to abuse when consuming chocolate as it contains a lot of sugar.
  • Avoid soft drinks and alcoholic drinks. Alcohol contains malic, lactic and citric acids that cause dental erosion. White wine and champagne are more erosive than red wine for both enamel and dental root cement.
  • If you can not do without chocolate, choose 70% black chocolate, as it has some antioxidants and cardioprotective properties.
  • Beware of so-called light or sugar-free candies, as some contain glucose and fructose, other types of sugars that are also harmful to your teeth.
  • Coffee, tea and infusions, with a pinch of sugar, spread throughout the day are a continuous problem for the teeth. It is preferable to sweeten them with aspartame.
  • If you are going to consume sweets for dessert, include in your meal a salad with this oil, as it is a good ally against tooth wear and decay.
  • Chew sugarless gum, especially after eating, to stimulate the production of saliva. Saliva has a protective effect on the teeth, neutralizing the acidic pH produced by bacteria or the acidity of food.
  • Be careful of energy drinks, as they have an acidic component that wears the tooth enamel. If you are going to consume them, accompany them with something solid, so that you have to chew and produce saliva that counteracts the acidity.

Remember that it is important to brush your teeth three times a day for at least two minutes. But if this cannot be, do it at least before going to bed and waking up. Choose a brush with of medium hardness bristles. Floss and use mouthwash to help make your cleaning more complete.

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