Osseo-integration of Dental Implants

If you are thinking on getting dental implants in Cancun you must be interested on the process of osseointegration. Our bones are a marvel of nature, continuously regenerating with a balance of bone re-absorption and new bone formation. 


When a drill is used on the jaw, the naturally sculpted bone is changed, rupturing blood vessel and filling the cavity quickly with blood. At first the dental implant is retained by mechanical friction with the bone. This is what is called PRIMARY IMPLANT STABILITY. This is a very important concept any patient must understand. There is a difference between that and “Secondary Stability“… also known as osseointegration. The osseointegration is a very complex biological process in which the cells surrounding the area of implant heal and bind themselves to the surface of the titanium dental implant.


Right after the new drilled cavity is filled with blood, the body will start to try to heal by releasing ions and serum proteins such as albumen into the blood stream in that area and adhere to the titanium implant surface. The platelets then attempt to close the ruptured blood vessels and stimulates cell division of fibroblasts forming a fiber network. The blood cloth is then an indispensable matrix for the healing process.


After the procedure, immune cells clean the wound from very fine bone chips and other tissue debris. By now, the platelets have increased blood vessels permeability, allowing them to expand to permit white cells to cross over to the wound and kill any bacteria that made their way from your mouth. This is a sensitive time that might likely determine if your body rejects the implant if it fails to clear the area (leading to infection). This is why it is very important to take the antibiotics prescribed by the doctor.


Days after the procedure, the bone must have started healing. When the body starts replacing bone, it might reduce the primary stability of the implant. Special cells migrate to the surgery area producing a layer of protein around the implant and interlocking with its surface. If you were to take out your implant and put it under the microscope you will see bone already forming on it.


Proper oral hygiene is essential for osseointegration on those few days. You will be required to gently brush after you eat or drink with a soft or medium toothbrush, as well as flossing the rest of your teeth and scrapping your tongue. Also, you will be required to forgo smoking and heavy drinking during this process or your osseointegration success rate will drop.


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