Dental Extractions

Dental Implants Vacations

Regular Dental Implants $799 USD*
Per unit/ Just Implant 
All On 4  (first stage)  $5,500 USD*
Per arch
Snap in Dentures  $10,199 USD*
Full Set
Sinus Lift  $1,500 USD
Per side
Bone Graft  $450 USD
Per quadrant
Porcelain Veneers  $450 USD
Zirconia Crowns  From $429 USD*
Per Unit
Root Canal  $330 USD
White Composite Fillings   $100 USD
Inlays/Overlays  $500 USD
Laser Whitening $175 USD
One hour
Regular Dentures From $600 USD
Non Surgical Extraction   $89 USD
Impacted Extraction  $200 USD
Wisdom Tooth / Each From $200 USD

* Restrictions apply. Limited time offer. Available until June 30th, 2023. No applicable with any other deal or promotion.

image-denture-dental-implants-vacationsWe use Grade 5 Titanium for all our implants.  The bio compatibility of titanium with the human body is EXCELLENT, especially when direct contact with tissue or bone is required, making it a perfect and obvious choice for dental implants. This grade of titanium has been in clinical use for over 30 years and is safe for you.   There is always a small chance that your body might reject any kind of foreign object (this is true for all medical surgeries). If one of your implants gets loose or falls out, the only thing you need to do is to save the clean implant in a plastic bag and bring it back to us and we will reinstall it at no additional cost. The initial warranty is applicable for 5 years, as long as you have taken proper hygiene care of the implants and snap in denture with the usual denture cleaners, following the indications that the doctor provided you with on your first visit.  You should never neglect your new teeth.   Remember, daily brushing and flossing are essential to keep your new snap in dentures and mini implants in top condition, just like real teeth! You will also require the usual follow-up visits in our clinic to make sure everything is still perfect.

Cost of dental implants and vacation in Cancun
image-couple-dental-implants-vacationsThe economy is tough right now, no matter what part of the world you are living in, and one of the things that people tend to neglect when this happens is their oral health. They stop visiting the dentist or getting their much needed treatments. We are here to make a difference.


Dental implants back home can cost several thousand dollars each, making it very hard for people to afford a brand new smile. We have helped hundreds of patients over the years, providing a cost effective alternative by allowing them to have their dental work done during their stay in Cancun. If you wish to have a “Hollywood Smile” this is the chance you’ve been waiting for!


We offer anything from single dental implants, bridge implants, screwed titanium retainer dentures (All on 4 and All on 6) and the amazingly practical Snap in Dentures at very affordable prices.


Cancun is a Caribbean paradise where you can enjoy white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, exciting jungle adventures and with archeological Mayan sites a few hours away. Cancun has all types of hotels, from affordable beach hotels to elegant all-inclusive resorts! There’s always something for all budgets. Go fishing, swimming and dance while you wait for your dental treatment to be done. You will go back home with an incredible tan and a makeover smile!