Titanium Dental Implants in Cancun

Restore your smile with titanium dental implants in Cancun

It’s been a while since the last time we talked about titanium dental implants. In comparison with Zirconia dental implants which are prone to fracture. Also, titanium is a very versatile metal and these dental implants are made of more than one part. The Grade 5 alloy of titanium is the best in existence and is use widely in all kinds of medical and prosthetic applications.

The reasons why Titanium implants have the become the most accepted material to restore structures in the human body is very interesting. For a long time, doctors around the world tried to use all kinds of materials to help their patients but metals would corrode with time and oxidize, releasing radicals into the bloodstream and provoking widespread rejections. The problem was, the immune system would recognize these radicals as an strange pathogen and it would attack them.

As it turns out, Titanium doesn’t have this problem. While the first layer of the titanium might have a chemical reaction, it doesn’t release these radicals into the body, “hiding” away its presence. That’s how the bone simply keeps healing around it without much problem and bonds into the porous surface of the titanium dental implant in a process called osseo-integration.

Titanium implants have been around for more than 40 years at this point, and they have continuously improved in every aspect. We are proud to say we stay in vanguard using the best brands like Zimmerman and Nobel Biocare for the All on 4 protocol. You can confirm this with our dental planners here in our web chat.

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