All on 6

all-on-6-dental-implantsThe All on 6 is an innovative procedure and an aesthetic solution for edentulous patients. It consists of 6 dental implants screwed into your jawbone or maxilla with a fixed hybrid porcelain titanium bar secured to those implants. This kind of treatment provides greater support due to the anchor system that it utilizes.


With the All on 6 treatment, not only your smile will improve but also your health, giving you back the ability to chew and eat properly. The implants used in the All on 6 procedure are made of grade 5 titanium, which is the most pure and compatible material used for prosthetics on the human body. We only use imported FDA approved implants, the same brands that are used in the USA and Canada.


The treatment only requires a surgery where the doctor will open the gum and screw the implants to the bone, after it’s placed the healing cap and gum will be sutured. This is not a painful procedure as it’s done with local anesthesia and it takes approximately three hours, we also recommend using sedation performed by an anesthesiologist to make the process less stressful for the patient.


If you want to forget about dentures or if you think you will need dentures in the near future, the doctor will only need to check you clinically with a panoramic x-ray to make sure you have enough bone in good condition. The doctor can make a specific evaluation of your case, the only thing we need you to do is send us a panoramic x-ray of your mouth.


all-on-6-before-after-dental-implantsYou will have new teeth firmly attached to your bone trough implants, giving you the ability to chew any kind of food. Also patients regain the confidence to speak and laugh without the typical problems of a removable regular denture like messy glue and your teeth coming out.


It can last a lifetime with the proper care and maintenance, cleaning is easier and after a couple of visits to the clinic, you will have a new set of teeth with a minimal time of recovery, since it’s a minimum invasive surgery and an almost painless procedure.


Here at Dental Implant Vacations we feature solutions for your oral health problems at some of the most affordable rates around while you enjoy the amazing sunny beaches of Cancun. You can use some of your vacation time in Cancun to fix up your teeth and go back home with an improved new smile!


Treatment with dental implants will usually require 2 visits to the clinic. On the first trip, the doctor will place the implants and the second will be only to check that everything is healing properly. You will have time to enjoy sunny Cancun or to be by the pool at one of Cancun’s many beautiful resorts!



On the second trip 3 to 6 months after placing the implants, you will come for your screw retained porcelain titanium bar. This procedure will take 3-4 appointments.



For one arch of All on 6, either on the upper maxilla or the lower jaw, the price is $12,500 USD. This rate includes 1 hybrid screwed retained titanium bar with porcelain bridge, temporary dentures, 4 NOBEL Biocare grade 5 titanium implants, local anesthesia and 4 extractions for free.


If you wish to do both upper and lower arches, then the bundle price is $24,200 USD and includes 2 hybrid screwed retained titanium bar with porcelain bridge, temporary dentures, 8 NOBEL Biocare grade 5 titanium implants, local anesthesia and 8 teeth extractions for free.


The following services are not included on these prices: Sinus lift, additional extractions, bone graft, sedation. These can be determined and arranged by the Doctor during your clinical consultation.


Choosing us for your implant treatment will let you save up to 70% compared to the price in your country, using the same brands and quality in implants as well in medical attention.


You will be able to have vacations in sunny Cancun, enjoy  some of the most beautiful resorts in the world, the beach and the Caribbean while you get your dental work done and spend much less  than the cost of doing the treatment back home!