Single Implant

single-implant-dental-vacationsDental implants are screws that are set into the jawbone or maxilla that act as a root of a tooth that had been lost or extracted. They are made of Grade 5 Titanium, which is the purest most compatible material used for prosthetics on the human body. After installing dental Implants, the next step is to place the abutment and crown to complete the treatment and completely replace the lost tooth. We only use imported FDA approved implants, the same brands that are used in the USA and Canada.



Individual implants can be placed in any area that has a missing tooth. The size can be wide, regular or narrow, depending on the tooth that is going to be replaced. The treatment is very simple and fast and only requires a minor invasive surgery where the doctor will open the gum and screw the implant into the bone, after it’s placed, the healing cap and gum will be sutured. This is not a painful procedure as it’s done with local anesthesia and it takes approximately one hour, also we offer sedation done by an anesthesiologist when needed. After inserting the implant, there will be a healing time to let the implant be Osseo-integrated.
Most people are candidates for this procedure, as long as there is enough bone, we can do it. The doctor can make a specific evaluation of your case, the only thing we need you to do is send us a panoramic x-ray of your mouth.


single-implant-before-after-dentalThere are several benefits when it comes to dental implants. You can improve your smile, the way that you eat, replace missing teeth and also help avoid bone loss that occurs when teeth are extracted or lost. Also, another of the benefits of implants is that it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between the implants and which ones are natural teeth.


One of the greatest benefits of dental implants is that they protect the other teeth. In the case of dental bridges used to replace a missing tooth, the adjacent teeth have to perform the function of support and anchor, applying lots of pressure on them. With the implant you never put any strain on the other teeth. If the implants are placed properly and if you follow the instructions for their care, they can last a lifetime! We have patients that had the procedure done 20 years ago and the implants remain strong and functional.


single-implants-happy-couple-dental-vacationsTreatment with dental implants will usually require 2 visits to the clinic. On the first trip, the doctor will place the implant and the second will be only to check that everything is healing properly. You will have time to enjoy sunny Cancun or to be by the pool at one of Cancun’s beautiful resorts!
On the second trip 3 months after placing the implants, the doctor will open the healing cap and take an impression to work on in the laboratory to make your new crown. You will only need 2 more appointments after that, one to place the crown and the last one just for a checkup. In the meantime you will have time to enjoy the beach, go shopping and relax!



Each dental implant at our clinic costs $1,200 USD each. They are all imported implants, made of grade 5 Titanium with the most advanced technology. Additionally, you will need an abutment and a crown for a separate. We have promotions for regular dental implants, get in touch with us! Choosing us for your implant treatment will let you save up to 70% of the price in your country, using the same brands and quality.  You will be able to have vacations in sunny Cancun, enjoy some of the most beautiful resorts in the world, the beach and the Caribbean while you get your dental work done and at the same time spend much less compared to the cost of doing the treatment back home!

Do implants fail?

Even though grade 5 Titanium is the best material that can be used for any replacement work for the human body, there’s nothing guaranteed and there’s always a chance of rejection by the body like in any other medical surgery.
Remember that the human body is designed to reject foreign objects in order to keep us healthy. But the success rate of dental implants is 98%, the other 2% are from those implants that failed to build Osseo-integration into the bone.  This is also one of the main reasons why we recommend completing the treatment in two trips, so we can give healing time to the tissue around the implant and wait for the Osseo-integration to take place.


So by delaying the load (not placing the teeth on the implants immediately to allow time for healing) it helps to maintain the implant without too much stress from the chewing action to give time for it to take hold properly.  Hygiene is also very important to keep the implants safe while they are healing, and also once rehabilitated.  Please contact our dental planners to get more information and to get your appointment!


You are closer to having an amazing experience and improving your oral health!