Snap in Dentures

image-denture-dental-single-implantSnap in Dentures are a new amazing alternative for people who have lost all or most of their teeth using mini implant technology. The mini implants are tiny screws made of Grade 5 Titanium (the most biocompatible alloy for medical use) that have spherical heads. They will allow you to use a denture with adapted o-rings that will snap onto mini implants on your upper or lower jaw. The snap in dentures don’t have a palate, allowing you to taste food better. You can get these in about a week during your vacation on the beach in sunny Cancun.


The mini implants must be placed on the upper or lower jaw that has no other teeth. If you have any teeth left in that area, they will need to be extracted with local anesthesia. After this, the doctor will screw the mini implants into the bones under your gums. Then you will be allowed to go back to your hotel to rest, with the next appointment to be scheduled a few days later. We will take an impression to create a wax denture test and adjust the height for your new snap in dentures, or the lab might be able to adapt an old denture (the doctor will let you know if your previous denture meets the necessary requirements to be adapted with o-rings). The denture will be manufactured at our laboratory. You will need to try out the preliminary wax denture to make sure it fits correctly to your mouth and to the mini implants. Once that’s done, you will get the ready to use snap in dentures. You will enjoy a strong bite right away!



image-snap-in-denture-dental-implantsIf you have trouble eating or speaking because of missing teeth, this of course could affect your social life negatively. We are here to help and offer you a solution. This procedure is perfect for people who wish to change from regular dentures or have lost most of their teeth. With the snap in dentures you won’t have to deal with messy glues or other denture adhesives. They will look and feel just like real teeth with a strong bite.


The only thing you need to do for us to make an evaluation is to send us your details and also a panoramic x-ray of your mouth or CT scan. If you don’t have an x-ray we might be able to give you advice if you send an email with photos of the front view of your smile, view of your upper maxilla, view of your lower jaw, and two profile photos showing your smile from left and right to have a clear image of your mouth. We will get back in touch with you if we require more information.



image-before-after-dental-implantsJust think about it: With snap in dentures you will get a makeover look with an amazing new smile in just 1 week! You can save up to 70% by having your snap in dentures done in Cancun, Mexico, compared to having a similar treatment in the USA and Canada.
You won’t need messy denture adhesives and your bite will be very strong. You will be able to enjoy flavors properly with these dentures without an upper palate, and you will have a great confident smile.


Why get Snap in Dentures with us?

Dr German Arzate Is a renowned dentist who has been placing and restoring implants for over 18 years. He is a fellow of the American Dental Association (ADA), one of the first Mexicans awarded with membership of the American Academy of Dental Implant Dentistry (AAID) and member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). Dr. Arzate is the director of our dental center, with full experience placing dental implants, All On 4, All on 6 and Snap On Dentures. He is also specialized in Oral Surgery, Bone Regeneration & Maxillary Growth, Orthodontics and Restorative Dentistry.


  • Our clinic is one of the best equipped facilities in Cancun.
  • Each member of our professional staff speaks English.
  • All our implants are imported from the USA, Japan, or Germany, and are made of Grade 5 titanium (the purest alloy available for human use).
  • You can save up to 70% compared to similar procedures in the United States and Canada.
  • We are located close to the entrance of the Hotel Zone of Cancun, 15 minutes away from popular beach resorts and hotels.
  • Additionally, the facility is situated at the heart of the Malecon Americas shopping mall, one of the more modern and popular shopping malls in Cancun.

In short, you can’t miss the opportunity of fixing your smile with the best materials and staff, while saving money and still enjoy a wonderful vacation on the white sandy beaches of the Caribbean with your loved ones!


The overall time to get the procedure done can fit nicely into your vacation days in Cancun. We need you at least for a week. On your first appointment you will get your remaining teeth extracted and the mini implants screwed in, this will take just a couple of hours under local anesthesia. In only one session you will be able to return to your resort in Cancun with the mini implants in place and enjoy the beach while your new dentures are being made.


You will come two more times a few days apart toimage-cancun-dental-implants-vacations make a wax test and then check color, shape and size of your new teeth for your final denture. This will also take an hour at most, leaving you free to go out and have fun on the amazing white sandy beaches of Cancun. This type of procedure is referred to as “immediate load” because it takes just a little over a week to be finished. If the doctor evaluates your old denture to get adapted with o-rings, this might only take a couple of days instead!


One vacation trip to Cancun = one makeover smile!



Apart from some stitches on your gums, you will be ready to eat, smile and speak normally. You will have a strong bite right from day one! You might experience some degree of swelling, soreness and discomfort while your bone and gums gets used to the mini implants and heal. This is completely normal. If you require anti-inflammatories or pain killers, the doctor will provide you with the prescription to buy these here in Cancun.


  • Snap in Dentures – 2 arches  (16 mini implants + 2 adapted dentures) = $17,600 USD (ASK ABOUT OUR CURRENT PROMOTIONS!)

We use Grade 5 Titanium for all our implants.  The bio compatibility of titanium with the human body is EXCELLENT, especially when direct contact with tissue or bone is required, making it a perfect and obvious choice for dental implants. This grade of titanium has been in clinical use for over 30 years and is safe for you.


There is always a small chance that your body might reject any kind of foreign object (this is true for all medical surgeries). If one of your implants gets loose or falls out, the only thing you need to do is to save the clean implant in a plastic bag and bring it back to us and we will reinstall it at no additional cost. The initial warranty is applicable for 3 years, as long as you have taken proper hygiene care of the implants and snap in denture with the usual denture cleaners, following the indications that the doctor provided you with on your first visit.  You should never neglect your new teeth.
Remember, daily brushing and flossing are essential to keep your new snap in dentures and mini implants in top condition, just like real teeth! You will also require the usual follow-up visits in our clinic to make sure everything is still perfect.