Cheap Affordable Dental Implants in Cancun

Snap in Dentures and dental implants in Cancun!

Let’s answer more questions from our patients to help you make an informed decision about getting Snap in Dentures and dental implants in Cancun!



Is the procedure safe?

Yes, Snap in Dentures are very safe. Snap in Dentures only requires a minor surgical procedure to place the mini implants on your gums. If you have any other condition like diabetes or seizures the doctor can take steps to ensure you will be comfortable.
Do you use general anesthesia for Snap in Dentures?

No, we do not use general anesthesia to set mini implants. As default, we use local anesthesia on the gums and we have the option of using sedation dentistry with an extra cost administered by an licensed anesthesiologist (as required by Mexican law). With sedation you won’t remember anything, but you will still be responsive to the doctor to follow his indications. This won’t make you sleep.
What do I do once I already have my Snap in Denture?

You need to follow the care instructions from the Doctor to ensure your Snap in Dentures will last for several years. For example, you should rinse your snap in denture after eating, as well as brush your mini implant heads to get rid of plaque. Plaque will still build up normally like if you had teeth, so cleaning is still important. You should get a yearly professional cleaning either from your local dentist or with us. Most of our patients return to us during their vacations for yearly maintenance because they just prefer the level of care and because we will do this cleaning free of charge.



How old should I be to get snap in dentures or other dental implants in Cancun?

There isn’t really a set age to get dental implants. Maybe you were in an accident and you lost your teeth… or maybe you had cancer treatment and your teeth decayed very quickly. Regular implants are recommend to replace missing teeth as soon as you have become an adult and the jaw has reached its final stage of development. Snap in Dentures require all the teeth to be extracted if there are any left, so we usually analyze all your options first with a clinical evaluation from the doctors.



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