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ANOTHER Dental Implants Patient Review! CHECK IT!

ANOTHER Dental Implants Patient Review! CHECK IT!

This time around we want to say we felt honored to have our dear patient Todd from Florida over at our dental clinic. Todd loves Mexico and especially its food. He was facing the prospect of having a regular dental bridge done back in USA bit he soon find out the price tag was simply too much. There must be other options, he thought. And he was right! He found about our clinic’s services in the web and after doing extensive research he decided to get dental implants instead. He got in contact with us and booked his flight for his dental vacation.

How are Titanium dental implants made

How are Dental Implants made?

About 100 years ago it was discovered that the ancient Mayans used seashells to replace missing teeth. Interestingly enough, seashells are biocompatible with the human body because their high content of calcium and other minerals, although we can safely assume that the Mayan procedure probably hurt a lot because there is indication that they were -hammered- into the jaw. OUCH! Those seashells were likely the first dental implants but we are lucky to have better technology.

Festival of Life and Death Traditions in Xcaret Cancun Riviera Maya

Activities in Cancun and Riviera Maya: Festival of Life and Death Traditions

If you are planning on coming to Cancun for your dental implant appointment at the end of October or early November you might like to know about this amazing event you can attend. You must have heard before about the Mexican tradition of “Día de Muertos” (“Day of the Dead“). This centuries old festivity took influence from both Native and Catholic culture after the Spanish Conquest of what is now Mexico. Death had always been a prominent motif on prehispanic cultures (Aztecs mainly) with the use of skulls, flowers and altars to honor the dead. Even then, there is slight variations on every part of the country, specially on the Yucatan Península.

Cheap All on 4 in dental clinic in Cancun

An All on 4 success story and happy patient!!

Last month we had a visit from our dear patient Doreen. She was looking for a solution for her smile. Doreen always had bad experiences at the dentists; she would suffer a lot for the pain and the worst of all… they didn’t seem to be able to help her. She eventually came across our website and finally decided she wanted to smile again. She was tired of hiding her smile so she knew she had to take this first step. Doreen got in contact with us and we offered a great option: All on 4 dental implants.

All on 6 Dental Implants Vacations

All on 6 Patient chews on ice with new teeth!!

We were privileged to have Alian Dupont back in our dental clinic in Cancun to finish off his All on 6 treatment! He came all the way from California. His was a very interesting case! The first time he came to us we performed 6 implants on his upper and lower jaw. We sent him home to let the dental implants fully heal and he returned 6 months later so we could place the screw retained titanium bar. He now he has new strong teeth!


Dental Implants for Diabetic patients Smile

Happy Patient Robert – New Smile

We were privileged to have Robert from Washington visiting us last month. He is a retiree who used to give maintenance to defense airplanes. Robert started to lose his teeth because of his diabetic condition and because of this he had previous extensive dental work done on the States. Most of the results had been good but he knew he needed something definitive to get back his smile.

Robert looked up his options on the internet and found out about our dental clinic in Cancun. He decided we were the best choice to renew his teeth. We use Grade 5 Titanium implants, which is an alloy that has the highest bio-compatibility rate with human tissue and bone, perfect for dental work. Similar treatments on USA and Canada would cost several thousand dollars, but you can get them done here in Cancun for much less than that. You can save up to 70% of the usual rates. He’s pictured above with our Mexican doctor Cesar Ibañez, who specializes on dental implants.

Robert left through our doors with a huge smile and we want you smiling too! This is not the first time he have treated someone with diabetes. Even if you are diabetic you can also have dental implants. You will have to let us know when sending your x-rays about your condition. Also, talk to your doctor about possibly having small surgery to see if he has any additional indications to keep in mind.   Start the change today and contact our offices by calling toll free from the USA or Canada at 1-800-701-6039 or send us your x-rays and photos so our doctors can evaluate your case, give you advice and see if your are candidate for dental implants, all on 4, all on 6 or even Snap in Dentures. Get the smile of your dreams just like you always wanted! YOU DESERVE IT!