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dental health and stress

How can stress affect my dental health?

Nowadays stress is a common emotion for most of us, there are a number of reasons why people suffer it, this situation becomes a negative state of mind that can start to take a toll on your body and it causes of health problems.

Researchers have found several links between stress and the oral health problems. It may contribute to teeth grinding, gum disease, dry mouth, canker sores, tooth decay, among others.

The best material for dental implants

The best material for dental implants: Titanium

Many materials have been used as dental implants. However, at present time, only titanium implants have been unanimously accepted through the field of medicine. This metal is capable of integrating into the bone perfectly, a process also known as biocompatibility. The reason why this is possible is due to a feature that other metals do not possess which make titanium dental implants amazing.

Dental Implants

Are dental implants right for me?

Dental implant are for all ages, may be the right choice for anyone missing one, multiple, or even all of their teeth due to injury, defects, disease or decay. Recent technology has made possible for almost anyone to quality for dental implants.


The decay that I led to the tomb to Ramses II

Ramses II was one of the most prominent and remembered leaders of Ancient Egypt and the greatest king of the nineteenth dynasty. Under his command, matters such as economy, administration, culture, or army flourished and reached the most prestigious level.


Toothbrushing mistakes and how to fix them

Brushing your teeth properly is the key for a healthy mouth and to maintain longer your dental implants. It can help you avoid problems like cavities and gum disease. Improve your skills with these easy to follow dental tips:


The longevity of dental implants

The duration and success of dental implants depend on several factors, among them is the care of hygiene oral that you have, as well quality materials, treatment and follow-up.