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cancun beach dental implants cost

Enjoying the beach on your dental vacation in Cancun!

Some people say they don’t want to fly to other country, spend on plane tickets and lodging and food only to get dental implants. Well, of course not… that’s not the point. Even though we have patients who do just that, the whole secret to have amazing savings on dental implants at low cost is like killing a bird with one stone by taking your vacation days, and while you are enjoying the beaches in Cancun, you can also have your dental implants done quickly by much much cheaper than in USA or Canada.

Dental Implants cost less in Cancun

She is happy Dental Implants cost less in Cancun!

This is the second time Haruka came to our clinic, the first time was a while ago for a porcelain crown (we also do cosmetic dentistry). She had found out about our services and after a month of looking at our information in the website she made up her mind and contacted us. From the very first step into the clinic she realized our facilities were great and modern, with private units with quite the view from their big windows. This time around, Haruka found out the cost of dental implants with her local dentist was too expensive. She knew there should be an alternative to the price in Cancun.   She was very happy with her results!



The Live Implant Surgical Maxicourse approaches!

YES! That’s right! We will be hosting the Live Implant Surgical Maxicourse by the American Academy of Implant Dentistry and the Dental Implant Learning Center at Englewood! Once again a dozen American dentists will come to our facilities to learn from the experts of dental implants. This will be a dental implant marathon where at least a hundred titanium dental implants are expected to be set.