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How are Titanium dental implants made

How are Dental Implants made?

About 100 years ago it was discovered that the ancient Mayans used seashells to replace missing teeth. Interestingly enough, seashells are biocompatible with the human body because their high content of calcium and other minerals, although we can safely assume that the Mayan procedure probably hurt a lot because there is indication that they were -hammered- into the jaw. OUCH! Those seashells were likely the first dental implants but we are lucky to have better technology.

Festival of Life and Death Traditions in Xcaret Cancun Riviera Maya

Activities in Cancun and Riviera Maya: Festival of Life and Death Traditions

If you are planning on coming to Cancun for your dental implant appointment at the end of October or early November you might like to know about this amazing event you can attend. You must have heard before about the Mexican tradition of “Día de Muertos” (“Day of the Dead“). This centuries old festivity took influence from both Native and Catholic culture after the Spanish Conquest of what is now Mexico. Death had always been a prominent motif on prehispanic cultures (Aztecs mainly) with the use of skulls, flowers and altars to honor the dead. Even then, there is slight variations on every part of the country, specially on the Yucatan Península.