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Damage caused by drugs

Damage caused by drugs in your mouth

Beyond the harmful effects that drugs have on health in general, there is considerable damage to oral health, since most drugs cause a decrease in saliva, known as xerostomia, which together with bad habits of hygiene greatly increases the appearance of dental caries.

Dental Implants fail

Why do Dental Implants fail?

There is very little chance that a dental implant will fail after placement, in fact, the success rate is over 90%. However, as in any treatment, complications may occur, usually related to persistent anesthesia in the adjacent nerves or if there was penetration of the maxillary sinuses and nasal cavity.

Dental Implants costs solutions

How to avoid ‘catastrophic dental health expenditure’ (CDHE)

About 20% of Americans struggle to pay medical bills and 60% of bankruptcies are due to medical bills. The high cost of dental care can put considerable strain on household finances. Several studies have identified this as a ‘catastrophic dental health expenditure‘ or CDHE for short. Expenditure was defined as catastrophic if it was equal to or higher than 40% of the household’s capacity to pay.

Pregnant woman dental health

ALERT! Dental health is vital for Pregnant Women’s well-being!

When a woman realizes she is pregnant she focuses on improving her overall health. She starts to eat better, takes necessary supplements and tries to avoid any hazardous activities. What many might overlook is how much the dental health of an expectant mother might influence on her pregnancy.  Research has indicated that women with periodontal disease may be at risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes, such giving birth to a pre-term or low-birth weight baby, reports the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) and the European Federation of Periodontology (EFP).