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Dental Impants in Cancun

Another great case of Dental Implants with a happy patient!


Arthur came to Cancun for vacation and he took this opportunity to finish his dental implant treatment in Cancun. He had come to our clinic months ago to set up a number of dental implants and now that they are osseointegrated, it is time to rehabilitate them by placing the new crowns. You can save up to 70% on your dental implants by having them done in Cancun.


What is Nobel Biocare?

At our dental clinic in Cancun we use only the best brands of implants approved by the FDA. One such brand is Nobel Biocare. This company located in Kloten, Switzerland has been at the head of titanium dental implant research for over 50 years. 

Jeff-Selle Dental Implants in Cancun

Patient happy with Dental Implants in Cancun!!

Today we have a very interesting case of dental implants in Cancun. Our dear patient Jeff, from North Dakota, came to us for rehabilitation of his previously set dental implants. Let us explain the process: The dentists take a panoramic x-ray to make an evaluation of the patient’s bone and if needed might ask for a CT-scan to know the volume and all the details of the bone.



How to take care of your mini implant Snap in Dentures?

Many people have asked us the specifics about our mini implant Snap in Dentures, specially when it comes to cleaning them and other oral hygiene habits to have when having them. Our Snap in Dentures are not a permanent set of teeth like for example the All on 4 or All on 6 implant procedure where the denture is screwed directly over implants. Snap in Dentures use mini implants as anchorage by snap into the o-rings adapted on the denture. This means that when you eat and drink some tiny food particles might get below the denture.

Smoking affects dental implants

MUST READ: Smoking has adverse effects on success of dental implants!


One of the worst habits that affect your teeth and dental implants is smoking. Smoking has its influence on general as well as oral health of an individual. Tobacco negatively affects the outcome of almost all therapeutic procedures performed in the oral cavity. The failure rate of implant osseointegration is considerably higher among smokers, and maintenance of oral hygiene around the implants and the risk of peri-implantitis are adversely affected by smoking.