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Cheap Dental Implants with Dentists in Cancun

Happy Patient who her smile back with our Dentists in Cancun!

Today we would like to let you know about a great case of smile makeover with our patient Andrea from North Carolina, USA. This is a very important story for us… Andrea had lots of trouble with her dental health when she got pregnant. Life was very hard on her and she couldn’t afford a dentist and many other things. Bad nutrition wrecked her teeth… they started to decay and disintegrate. What little she had was barely enough to get by and she wondered if she would eventually lose her smile at such a young age.

Dental Implants in Cancun and bone density

Dental implants and bone types! MUST READ INFORMATION HERE!

One of the most important factors to establish if one person is candidate for dental implants in Cancun is the type of bone present on their jaw and maxilla. This will serve as the base and anchor for the titanium dental implant, so it is on everyone’s best interest to identify first the type of bone density present on the patient.

Mini implants information Snap in Dentures

What do you know about mini implants?

Let go over the basics about mini implants. The main difference between mini implants and regular implants are the size. Mini implants are a few millimeters wide, and thanks to their small size they can be inserted into areas where regular implants are not an option. They are made of the same Grade 5 titanium alloy than regular sized implants. Grade 5 titanium is excellent for use on dental treatments for its bio-compatibility with both human bone and tissue.

Dental Implants and cheap dentist in Cancun

Dental Implants Success story!! Check out this Happy Patient!

Once again we want to share with you another of our happy patients! Her name is Linda, and she came from Virginia, USA for her dental implants. Back home, the estimates from the dentists in Virginia were simply too expensive, reaching up $12,000 USD! Linda knew she had to find an alternative and this is how she learned about the dental services at our clinic. She got in contact with us and we gave her a full evaluation about her case.