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Six Million Dollar Man, Bionic Man Modern Implants

Implants: From Fiction to Reality!?

Do you remember this man?

He’s Lee Majors playing the character of Steve Austin, better known as the Six Million Dollar Man. This science fiction series from the 70’s followed Austin through his amazing adventures as an special agent after he was “rebuilt” by a government organization. Steve Austin became a pop culture icon.  When the 6 Six Million Dollar Man was aired the technology was seen as mostly science fiction. Rejection rates were high… but even then, we had come a long way since the very first prosthesis.


Happy Patient - All on 4, Dental Implants in Cancun

Lynda: All on 4 Dental Implants Success Story!!

We would like thank our dear patient Lynda, who came all the way from New York to change her life. She’s so happy she can eat and talk normally again after she got the All on 4 procedure. The All on 4 procedure was developed by Doctor Malo, who discovered that by placing two dental implants in an angle and two vertical on the front could provide increased stability to a screw retained titanium bar with new teeth. Lynda is so happy that she came here and regards we did an excellent job with her new makeover smile.

Dental Implants costs solutions

How to avoid ‘catastrophic dental health expenditure’ (CDHE)

About 20% of Americans struggle to pay medical bills and 60% of bankruptcies are due to medical bills. The high cost of dental care can put considerable strain on household finances. Several studies have identified this as a ‘catastrophic dental health expenditure‘ or CDHE for short. Expenditure was defined as catastrophic if it was equal to or higher than 40% of the household’s capacity to pay.