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The best material for dental implants

The best material for dental implants: Titanium

Many materials have been used as dental implants. However, at present time, only titanium implants have been unanimously accepted through the field of medicine. This metal is capable of integrating into the bone perfectly, a process also known as biocompatibility. The reason why this is possible is due to a feature that other metals do not possess which make titanium dental implants amazing.


The decay that I led to the tomb to Ramses II

Ramses II was one of the most prominent and remembered leaders of Ancient Egypt and the greatest king of the nineteenth dynasty. Under his command, matters such as economy, administration, culture, or army flourished and reached the most prestigious level.


Erroneous beliefs about dental implants

Over the past twenty years, dental implants have undergone a transformation, and while it might have been a very expensive and painful experience back then, actually are no more painful than a tooth extraction, and are affordable too.