Take care of your teeth during the vacations

When you come to Cancun to renew your smile and get to relax in the beautiful beaches and tourist attractions that this destination offers, do not forget to follow the routine of dental hygiene that you take throughout the year.

We know that in these days some routines are left aside, but it is very important to keep up with your oral hygiene, since the consequences can be disastrous. For this reason we give you some tips that you should keep in mind when going on vacations.

The first thing that you should remember is that if you feel pain or discomfort in the mouth, while on vacation, you must go immediately to the dentist to carry out a check and not allow the symptoms to worsen as the days go by.

If going on vacation somewhere where you are not close supermarkets or shops where to buy personal hygiene utensils, the best will be to bring them from home thinking about the amount you need for daily hygiene.

It is important that you consider that the site where you want to keep your toothbrush should be wide and have the necessary air circulation for so to avoid the accumulation of bacteria. In the event that does not have good ventilation, do not hesitate to poke some holes so air passes and is vented properly.

Perform toothbrushing after every meal, even while traveling. If you don’t have the possibility to do so in a timely occasion you can eat sugar free gums, that will help you to keep your mouth in good condition while you perform your usual brushing, but keep in mind that this is something that can be only circumstantial and never a replacement to brush your teeth.

Food is also an important factor that you should take into account even when you’re on vacation, remember to avoid the intake of excessive sugars, alcohol, soft drinks and snacks, since they may be foods that make you accumulate bacteria, especially if there is neglect on your oral hygiene and this can damage your teeth.

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