The decay that I led to the tomb to Ramses II

Ramses II was one of the most prominent and remembered leaders of Ancient Egypt and the greatest king of the nineteenth dynasty. Under his command, matters such as economy, administration, culture, or army flourished and reached the most prestigious level.

It was the third Pharaoh of the XIX Dynasty and its reign extended for 66 years until its death to the 87 years of age. In his old age, Ramses had the spine deformed by the arthritis and also had infections in the mouth and a serious decay.

When his mummy was found they discovered an old man, very tall, with a sharp face and prominent nose. Thanks to the forensic study of the mummy, he was known to suffer from severe gingivitis which caused him to suffer bleeding gums and halitosis, but not only his gums were bad but his teeth were in poor condition, with abundant abscesses and a strong infection. He must have been pain in the final stage of his life and it might have been the cause of septicemia (infection in the blood) that led to his death.

It is important to remember that you should always maintain a correct oral hygiene and as soon as you notice the appearance of cavities visit your dentist to avoid further complications. When decay is very advanced it may require a root canal or in the worst case lose the dental piece. The good thing is that, unlike Ramses, you can get strong replacement teeth with dental implants.

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The decay that I led to the tomb to Ramses II
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