Tooth loss due to trauma

The dental avulsion is the expulsion of an integral tooth for a traumatic cause such as the fall of a bicycle, a stumble, the practice of a contact sport (rugby, basketball, football, etc.) without the use of mouth guard or blows to the height of the base of the nose caused by games, accidents.

Dental avulsion can occur in both temporary teeth and permanent teeth. The difference is the treatment, since the temporary or deciduous teeth are not reimplanted.

The teeth most commonly avulsed in both dentitions, the temporary and the permanent, are the maxillary central incisors; and the most affected age group is usually between 7 and 11 years old. Men had an incidence of avulsions three times greater than women.

How we should act in the face of dental avulsion

We must act calmly and quickly, the success of the treatment depends on this; A tooth relocated in a short space of time (30 to 120 minutes), has greater chances of successfully reinserting itself.

  • Find the tooth and take it by the crown, always avoid touching the root.
  • If the tooth is dirty, clean it with tap water taking care not to touch the root of the tooth, without using soaps or disinfectants.
  • Make sure that the avulsed tooth is a permanent tooth since the temporary teeth should not be reimplanted. If possible, reimplant it immediately
  • Go as soon as possible to the clinic where they can receive emergency dental treatment.

Habits instructions:

  • It is strongly discouraged to bite on the splinted tooth, a soft diet and scrupulous hygienic habits should be maintained.
  • Periodic reviews to check the state of the tooth.

We can affirm that, keeping calm and knowing the procedures to follow, the success rate of the reimplantation of a structurally integral and permanent avulsed tooth is very high.

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