Toothbrushing mistakes and how to fix them

Brushing your teeth properly is the key for a healthy mouth and to maintain longer your dental implants. It can help you avoid problems like cavities and gum disease. Improve your skills with these easy to follow dental tips:

Choose the right brush– Just any toothbrush may not be the one for you. Think about the size of your mouth. It should feel good in your mouth and in your hand, so you’ll use it often. Know your bristles, too. If they’re really stiff, they can hurt your gums. A softer brush is best.

Give it time– Are you brushing enough? Twice a day is recommended, but three times a day is best. It should take at least 2 minutes each time.

Don’t overdo it- Brushing more than three times a day might not be ideal, that’s because too much can wear down your teeth’s outer shell, called enamel, and damage your gums. Also, don’t brush too hard.

Perfect your technique– Wide, side to side strokes can scrape your gum line. Hold your brush at a 45-degree angle to your gums, and make an up-and-down circular motions. Use short strokes on each tooth. Brush outer and inner tooth surfaces, back molars and even your tongue.

Pick products– The kind of toothpaste you use matters, because whitening pastes can be to abrasive and damage the tooth surface. Choose the old fluoride toothpaste. If you want to lighten your smile, you can always switch between whitening toothpaste and regular after checking with your dentist first.

Control your sugar intake– Energy drinks, diet sodas, and sour candies, even healthy things like apple juice, orange juice, and coffee, have acid that can soften tooth enamel. If you do go for that, wait half an hour before you brush. That gives your tooth time to strengthen the enamel again.

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